Is blue waffle a real disease?

blue waffle disease

Blue Waffles is a popular online hoax that is exploited to police sexual behavior particularly among females. The hoax purports that there is new STD – sexually transmitted disease called Blue Waffles that mainly affects females.

A “blue waffle” is popular slang for severe or extremely horrible vagina infection or sexually transmitted disease hence its exploitation as the name for the new mythical disease. Waffle Blue disease is claimed to cause lesions outside the vagina and bruises that causes the vagina to have a blue color and discharge of a purple bluish discharge.

A “blue waffle” is popular slang for severe or extremely horrible vagina infection or sexually transmitted disease hence its exploitation as the name for the new mythical disease. Blue waffle diseases is claimed to cause lesions outside the vagina and bruises that causes the vagina to have a blue color and discharge of a purple bluish discharge.

Origin of the Myth

Waffle blue hoax is traced back to derisory attack on New Jersey councilperson Kathy McBride in April 2013. According to a media report, McBride testified at the city council about receiving a strange call from a person who was eager to know the council’s plan for dealing with an epidemic called Blue Waffle disease.

Kathy McBride was later chided by her colleague for falling for the constituent’s April Fools’ Day prank. However, “Blue Waffle” disease prank took root and was later entrenched as a new sexually transmitted disease.

However, Blue Waffle Disease myth started earlier before April 2013. Rumors of blue waffle disease reached the internet in March 2010 after circulation of alarming images of very scabbed, blue-tinted labia together with rumors that the pictures showed a new kind of vagina infection caused by a sexually transmitted infection, which was so common that it earned the name “blue waffle disease” where blue waffle actually refers to a serious type of vagina infection.

Debate on Blue Waffle Disease

Following the release of the disturbing images a vagina supposedly suffering from “Blue Waffle Disease” a heated debate began on whether the images were actually real or digitally manipulated, and whether the vagina’s conditions pictured in the images was really caused by an infection or was just a representation of a vagina suffering from bruises or trauma.

Irrespective of the truth behind the origin of the photos, this disease is also quite more of a fictional than reality because there are yet no authoritative symptoms of such an STD or sexually transmitted disease in any medical or health field.

Opponents to new Blue Waffle Disease Existence

A comment posted on Women’s Health Foundation blog by Assistant Professor in the department of Obstetrics/Gynecology Dr. Army Whitaker denied the existence of an STD disease called blue waffle in the medical field. Furthermore, Dr. Whitaker denied the existence of an STD or any other manner of disease that cause the blue appearance symptoms on the outside genitalia.

According to Dr. Whitaker, blue waffle disease or its purported blue appearance symptoms only existed in the fictional mind of the journalists because he had personally never come across such a disease or bluish infected vagina all the years of his medical career. Dr. Whitaker reiterated the position of his fellow medical profession that waffle blue disease is just but a hoax and that the internet pictures were a fake gimmick of attracting people into a website.

Proponents Position on Blue Waffle Disease

The bluish appearance of the external genitalia in the internet photo could probably be due to bruising, which is similar to an injury incurred from force due to sexual assault. However, proponents cite the fact that bruising cannot cause a bright blue color like the one appearing mostly on external genitalia photos.

There is also no single STD that is known to cause external bruising of the genitalia. Proponents further cite 1 or 2 lesions on the photo, which suggest a certain kind of STD such as a herpes lesion though the lesions are not vividly clear on the photos. Some kind of lacerations are also purportedly identified in the subject’s right labia appearing like some sort of a cut though like the lesions such details are not clear.


There is a possibility that the entire pictures behind Blue Waffle disease hoax are entirely photo shopped with no reference whatsoever to an actual person. Additionally, the condition does not resemble a typical case of an STD attributed appearance or any other visually diagnoses symptoms.

Blue Waffle disease is indeed a descriptive term of an infected vagina but its certainly not the name of a particular genitalia infection. The disease or Blue Waffle terminology for that matter is therefore just but an urban legend coined to scare women to style up sexually.



When Pills Don’t Work

Every day we get messages asking us questions about why presciption pain medications are not working for them. Some think they’re not taking the right one or the right dose and others say nothing they’ve tried works for them and want to know what else they can take. It’s time to step away from the pill bottles.

Your first order of business to is to complete an inventory of all the medicines you take. That includes prescription, over-the-counter and any herbals. Next, tell your pharmacist or doctor what you are taking and how and when you are taking it. There are many ways that pain medications can lose their impact because of when you take them and with what.

The second order of business is to help increase the effectiveness of the pain meds you are already taking. Sounds like a big secret, but it’s not. Some pain meds need to be taken at the first sign of pain. Don’t be stubborn and wait until you “can’t stand it anymore”. If you doctor says, “Take a pill as soon as you feel pain”, then you should follow that advice.

There are also lifestyle changes you can make. One BIG one is to get a good nights sleep. While easier said than done, your pharmacist or doctor can make recommendations. Another lifestyle change is to move around as much as you can. Often your pain will remain the same whether you sit around or move around. However, moving around increases your blood flow and your energy and helps you naturally cope with pain.

There are some natural remedy you can have a try

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Talk to your health care providers and let them know you want to do everything you can to maximize the pain relief you get from medications by doing other things that can help.

How to Relieve Shoulder Blades Pain?

What does the Shoulder blade Pain exactly mean?

Shoulder Blades Pain

Shoulder Blades Pain

Shoulder blade pain is a very irritating thing for anyone. It is not an easy job at all to manage the shoulder blade pain. Shoulder blade pain may come forward with different forms. You may feel pain in your right shoulder or left shoulder.

Sometimes the patients experience the pain just between two blades of the shoulder too. The strength and duration of the pain may vary also. Let’s take a short look what things may give you some relief against this serious pain.

Tips to overcome shoulder blades pain

  • Taking rest is the best medicine against shoulder blade pain. You need to keep in observation yourself. That means you should have a control on your daily activities. Don’t go for such work which may give pressure on your shoulder.
  • Again, give your shoulder adequate rest. For this purpose you can give break to your daily work at a regular interval. You can lie on a flat floor in relax position or seat in a back chair. In a word, you need to ensure the proper rest for your affected shoulder.
  • If your shoulder blade pain is the result of a stretched muscles or tissues, you can use an ice bag to get some relief. In this case the application of ice bag will give you relax and also reduce the intensity of the pain also. In this case one thing is very important. You should keep in mind that, the application of ice should not be directly to your skin. If you so this you will get disadvantages rather than the benefit. So, it is recommended to wrap the ice in a cloth or use an ice bag for this purpose.
  • Not only the ice bags, but also the hot pack treatment can also give you relief in case of shoulder blade pain. The fact behind this remedy is that, the heat of the hot pack boost up the blood circulation system of your shoulder. As a result, you feel comfortable against the pain.
  • You can use a sling around your shoulder to reduce pain because, the sling will restrict the movement of your shoulder and as a result your shoulder will not get stressed.
  • You can also take some easy and simple physical exercise to reduce the intensity of the pain. The stretching workouts are the most effective way in this case. You can not also overlook the impact of yoga.
  • You should ensure the proper nutrition for your body to keep your bones healthy. So, keep your eyes on balanced diet, especially the calcium and magnesium as these two are the main elements of the bone composition.

These tips are very effective to reduce the irritation of shoulder blade pain. If you follow these simple tips on a regular basis, you must find hope. Again, if you are in serious condition or your pain is out of control, you must go to a consultant and take the proper drug immediately.

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How to Get Rid of Indigestion Pains in Chest

Most people have already experienced indigestion at one point in their lives. Indigestion is usually caused by eating food products that are not broken down by the digestive system easily. There are instances when people who are experiencing indigestion feel sick and can barely function and do the things that they have to do.

Indigestion Pains in Chest

Indigestion Pains in Chest

Types of Indigestion

It seems that some people do not know that there are two types of indigestion pain in chest. These two types are the following:

Mild Indigestion – This is the type of indigestion that usually occurs after people have eaten food products that are not easily digested by the body. Some of the food products that are not digested easily by the body are high fiber food products and spicy food products. Do remember that this type of indigestion will go away on its own.

Chronic Indigestion – This is the type of indigestion that can occur frequently because of an underlying abdominal condition. If you tend to feel indigestion in a frequent manner, it will help if you could consult your doctor immediately about this.

Curing Your Indigestion

Since mild indigestion can be extremely uncomfortable during its onset, people may not know the things that they have to do immediately so that they can improve their condition. Do remember that whenever people feel indigestion, they find it hard to function. Some people cannot even sleep nor do the tasks that they have to do because of the uncomfortable feeling. Here are some things that people can do in order to relieve your abdominal pain:

  • When you are trying to sleep, avoid sleeping on your back. When you sleep on your back, you tend to make the excess gas just go around the stomach and the chest area and might eventually cause more pain. If you cannot sleep without lying down flat, make sure that you elevate your head with the use of the pillow. This will help stop the sensation of wanting to vomit because of indigestion.
  • Take antacids. There are a lot of over the counter antacids that can be taken by people who are suffering from indigestion. These antacids are meant to help calm the body from too much gases caused by indigestion and can eventually relieve people of what they are feeling.
  • Consume a glass of warm water with about a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar before you eat your meals, this will prevent indigestion from happening or will help lessen the discomfort caused by the condition.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you have to remember that there are still other home remedies that people can do in order to help cure indigestion.

For instance, drinking warm water with baking soda and little bit of lemon juice can help neutralize an acidic stomach and can cause relief to a person going through indigestion. If after doing numerous home remedies and the indigestion still persists, the best thing to do is to make sure that you consult your doctor immediately so that you can be checked if you have other conditions.


How to Relieve Pain from Ear Infection

It seems that there are some people who do not know how to relieve ear ache when they start experiencing one. Some will immediately go to their doctors while others would take in pain medications to help avoid the pain. While the two things can be done, knowing the right things that you can do when you or another family member is experiencing ear ache can help make the whole situation better.

Pain from Ear Infection

Pain from Ear Infection

The main reason why people get ear aches is because of bacteria that can enter the ear and stay in the middle ear for a while. The bacteria, when not removed can cause some problems in the future especially because they can cause infections. Ear infections can become painful especially because of the buildup of the fluids on the ear. This can cause some people to feel uncomfortable. For children, the pain can be unbearable and they might end up crying all the time unless a remedy to take away the pain can be done.

How to Relieve Pain from Ear Infection

In case you are thinking of ways on how you can relieve the pain caused by ear infection, here are a few things that you should know firsthand:

Make sure that you know how severe the ear infection is. Depending on the ear infection, it may last for a few days and can go away on its own or it might be something that will last a long while. For adults, it might not take long before the infection run its course but for children, ear infections may be more severe.

Take note of the other symptoms that come with infection. Is the person suffering from ear infection also having fever? Is the person under a lot of pain? Take note of these symptoms because you will have a better idea regarding the things that you should do.

Make use of a hot compress. There are some people who assume that they should use cold compress to take away the pain but using a hot compress may be better and can help reduce the pain and inflammation better.

Apply ear drops. There are some ear drops that can be bought over the counter and this can help relieve the infection.Make sure that the home remedies that are being done for the person is working. Usually, you can tell if the home remedies are working if the fever is going down or if there is no onset of fever at all.

Also, make sure that there are no other symptoms that will appear over time. The moment that the person shows distress or the vitals of the person worsens, this automatically means that the remedies are not working and the person would have to be taken to the doctor immediately.

Do remember to ask the patient regarding the pain that he or she is feeling. There are some infections that come with pain while there are others that have infected ears but are not experiencing any pain. This will give you  a clearer view regarding the type of ear infection that you are dealing with.

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