When Pills Don’t Work

Every day we get messages asking us questions about why presciption pain medications are not working for them. Some think they’re not taking the right one or the right dose and others say nothing they’ve tried works for them and want to know what else they can take. It’s time to step away from the pill bottles.

Your first order of business to is to complete an inventory of all the medicines you take. That includes prescription, over-the-counter and any herbals. Next, tell your pharmacist or doctor what you are taking and how and when you are taking it. There are many ways that pain medications can lose their impact because of when you take them and with what.

The second order of business is to help increase the effectiveness of the pain meds you are already taking. Sounds like a big secret, but it’s not. Some pain meds need to be taken at the first sign of pain. Don’t be stubborn and wait until you “can’t stand it anymore”. If you doctor says, “Take a pill as soon as you feel pain”, then you should follow that advice.

There are also lifestyle changes you can make. One BIG one is to get a good nights sleep. While easier said than done, your pharmacist or doctor can make recommendations. Another lifestyle change is to move around as much as you can. Often your pain will remain the same whether you sit around or move around. However, moving around increases your blood flow and your energy and helps you naturally cope with pain.

There are some natural remedy you can have a try

Recommended Source of home remedy

Everyday Health


Natural Remedy Ideas

Talk to your health care providers and let them know you want to do everything you can to maximize the pain relief you get from medications by doing other things that can help.


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